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The terms & conditions set below govern the use of services offered in relation to the use of  www.vinyard.com website. Users are advised to read carefully because it can impact their rights and responsibilities towards the law.

By registering and / or using the www.vinyard.com site, users are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are a form of agreement as outlined in a legal agreement between the user and the owner of the site www.vinyard.com. If the user does not agree with any, part or all of the contents of the terms and conditions, then the user is not permitted to use the service at www.vinyard.com.                                                                                                                         

A. Content

B. Purchase transactions

C. Price

D. Shipping rates

E. Type of goods

F. Delivery Schedule

G. Renewal

A. Content

1. The site www.vinyard.com only can be accessed by users aged 21 years and above. If there are buyers whose age has not reached 21 years, then we are not responsible for this.

2. Users are prohibited from using photos / images on the webiste of www.vinyard.com. Images on this site are intellectual property rights of the product owner or suppliers that have been registered by law.

B. Purchase Transactions                                                                                                                         

1. Buyer is obligated to do a transaction through the procedure set by www.vinyard.com. Buyer process the payment according to the payment method chosen by buyer.

2. When purchasing goods, buyer has agreed:                                                                  

 - Buyer responsible to read, understand and agree on informations / descriptions of  the item (including but not limited to color, image quality, etc.). Before making a transaction.                                                                                                                                                   

 - Buyer approves the original color of the product which can be seen on the website www.vinyard.com, depends on the buyer's monitor. www.vinyard.com has made the best improvements to ensure the color and image in the photo approved by this site appear as accurate as possible, but cannot guarantee that the color and image on this site will be accurate.                                                                                                                                          

-  User enters into a binding contract to buy a compilation of goods for the user to buy an item.  

3. Related to the stock of goods that can be changed at any time, so that when the stock is not available, the order will be refused and payment for the goods will be refunded to customer.                                  

4. Buyer fully understand and agree that all transactions will be proceed to official vinyard.com bank account number. If buyer use an account not designated by vinyard.com then it becomes a personal responsibility of the buyer.

5. vinyard.com has the authority to approve the payment without prior notice.                      

6. Payment by the buyer must be made immediately (no later than the 24 hour deadline) after the buyer checked out. if within the time limit the payment or payment confirmation has not been made by the buyer, vinyard.com has the authority to cancel the transaction. User has no right to submit a claim for that cancelled transaction.

7. Payment confirmation must be completed with a note of invoice number and buyer's name on the deposit slip.

8. Buyer agree not to approve / submit proof of payment and or payment data to other parties  than vinyard.com. If there's loss due to any payment from buyer to another party, that matter is responsibility of the buyer.

9. Buyer understand and agree that any issue with delayed shipping that are caused by pending payment is responsibility of the buyer.                                                                                     

10. Buyer understand and agree that any issue of late payment and additional fee caused by the difference of bank used by vinyard.com with appointed buyer's bank is responsibility of the buyer.                                            

11. Refund to buyer can only be done if, under following circumstances :                

- Over payment from buyer for the price of the item.                                                                   

- Problem with shipping has been clearly identified which results in order of goods not arriving.                         

- vinyard.com cannot accept order because it is out of stock, change in shipping costs, or other causes.

- vinyard.com accepts order for shipping goods, but after a specified time limit it turns out that items cannot be shipped.                           

12. Buyer fully understand and approve the invoice that has been issued.

C. Price                                                                                                                                                        

1. The Price of goods on vinyard.com is determined by the site owner. The price on this site is different from the price of offline stores even with offline Vinyard shop.

2. Buyer understand and agree that if there's a difference about price and other information that are caused by non-renewed pages on the vinyard.com site because the browser / ISP that used by buyer is responsibility of the buyer.                                                                                                         

3. By placing an order through this site, buyer understand and agree to pay the total cost stated in the payment details, which consist of price of goods, shipping cost, shipping insurance, and other cost required. Buyer agree to make payment through a payment method that has been previously chosen by the user.

D. Shipping Rates

Buyer understand that vinyard.com has done its best to provide shipping cost information based on location accurately, but vinyard.com cannot guarantee the accuracy of that data with those at the local branch. And also to guarantee the goods will arrive without any less, we require that every shipping transaction must be applied with insurance that has been provided by each shipping courier.

E. Type of Goods                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Good traded on this site are alcoholic drinks. All types of alcoholic drink that we sell we guarantee the legality and authenticity of the goods. Because of our commitment to customer's  satisfaction, we will not sell goods that has no legality let alone fake goods.

F. Delivery Schedule


1.Delivery schedule is from Monday to Friday until 5 PM.

2.The orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on the next Monday.

Same Day Delivery Service:

1. Coverage delivery area in Jakarta only

2. Flat Price 50,000 IDR per order.

3. Free Shipping for order more than 1 million rupiah.

4. Delivery schedule applied only for order from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

G. Renewal

The terms and conditions may be changed and or updated from time to time without prior notice. We suggest that you read carefully and check the terms and conditions page to find out if there's any changes. By continuing to access and continue using this service, the user is deemed to have agreed to changes in terms and conditions.